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About US

Meet the Levels2Learning Family

The Story of Levels2Learning

Levels2Learning was established in 2019 by owner Michelle Gomes to meet the need for relatable, relevant and fun educational books and products that are inclusive of African Americans.  There are plenty of programs, institutions and organizations working tirelessly to raise the educational standards for African American children, however, the lack of relatable, relevant, and fun educational content for these children continues to be a barrier to meeting the expectations of such efforts.

Our Vision

We deal in numerous products such as children’s books, workbooks, flashcards, digital downloads, school supplies, toys, clothing and other educational resources focusing on representing African Americans, their lived experiences, stories, and contributions to the world.  Doing so enables us to reach our vision of raising the educational standards of African American children and other children as well. Our highly curated educational resources strive to overcome the learning and reading gap prevalent in the US.  Our vision is to create a highly inclusive society of diverse and capable individuals that all come together to benefit humankind.


In simple words, Levels2Learning is a one-stop education solution for homeschooling families, teachers, parents, and students seeking educational books and products inclusive of African Americans.

How does it Work?

At Levels2Learning, we have come up with a two-pronged solution to achieve our vision and mission. It is also the reason why we chose the name we chose. At the very core, it starts with a simple formula. A formula that has proven to be useful and effective time and again. It is natural for children to understand better what they can relate to. Their minds are more stimulated when they are taught in a fun, relevant, and relatable manner.

All our educational resources, teaching methods, and learning materials are created on this premise.

We create lessons, stories, and content for African American children that are fascinating and inspiring to them. All these resources relate to children’s experiences and the aspirations they hold close to their hearts. Moreover, such content represents the true themes of African American life and highlights the issues, challenges, and solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.

Doing so lets us impact children's psychology in such a manner that they grow up with ...

  • a strong sense of their African American identity .
  • a deeper understanding of themselves .
  • a desire to create solutions for themselves, others, their communities and the world.

When children learn who their heroes are, what their struggles are, and what’s important to their community in a fun and engaging manner, they grow up with a conviction of doing something about it.It might seem far-fetched, but this will create a generation of intelligent and confident individuals who will strive to change the world for the better.

But that’s just one prong of Levels2Learning. What’s the second one?

Education is not limited to institutions, buildings, or premises such as schools, colleges, or universities. In its truest sense, education is a constant and consistent process that happens to children wherever they happen to be. They observe and learn from everything around them.

At Levels2Learning, our products are as effective and useful for children learning at schools as they are for children learning at home. To ensure total inclusivity, we create our products with all kinds of children in mind, whether they are homeschooled or otherwise.

By doing so, we ensure that no child is deprived of what we aim to impart and what we stand for at Levels2Learning.